Southwest Fox 2007 - Day 1

by Frank Perez October 18, 2007

Day 1 began with Michael Hogan's pre-conference session No Boundaries: Visual FoxPro Web Applications. Michael did a great job of explaining the differences between web applications and desktop applications; and the advantages/disadvantages of both. I especially liked the way he demonstrated "statelessness" using audience participation. In addition he showed us some of his deployed solutions and took us for a tour behind the scenes. If you want to get started in web applications, this session was a great way to begin.

After a quick dinner break, it was time for the Keynote. I'll skip most of the details and jump straight to the cool stuff.

First, Christof Wollenhaupt demonstrated his Guineu project. Guineu is an alternative runtime that allows a Visual FoxPro application to run on multiple platforms (Windows, Pocket PC, and Linux) without any modifications to the code. Guineu is currently in development, but it still looks very promising.

Next, Toni Feltman demonstrated a couple of eTechnologia's developer tools. The first tool was .NET Extender. It provides the ability to use any of the .NET classes (including controls) in Visual FoxPro. The second item was VFPCompiler for .NET. This tool compiles Visual FoxPro forms and classes (SCX, VCX, and PRG) into pure .NET IL Managed Code. Both of these tools are currently in alpha stage.

Finally, Alan Stevens and Craig Boyd demonstrated something they called "VFP Studio 2008". It uses something that will be new in Visual Studio called the "isolated shell". I wish I could explain more, however due to the time constraints they were not able to provide a whole of details. So, I'm just going to leave it at that for now. Hopefully Craig will be able to talk more about it on his blog at Sweet Potato Software.


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