Playing Catch Up

by Frank Perez April 8, 2008

When I started this blog, it was never my intention to allow so much time between posts. My goal was to try and blog at least once per month. Well, things have not quite worked out the way I envisioned. I always seem to find my self starting to write something, never feeling 100% happy with it, and then abandoning it all together.

I guess blogging is something that does not come easy to me, at least not yet. I think the only way to beat this problem is to just accept whatever comes out and post it. If it sucks, well at least I tried. So without further delay, here are some things that I've been meaning to post.


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Frank lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan with his wife and three children.  When he is not writing code, he enjoys long distance running and riding his motorcycle.

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