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by Frank Perez August 24, 2008

On Saturday August 23rd, 2008 I completed my first 10-mile event in the Crim Festival of Races with a time of 1:58:08 (hh:mm:ss). My goal was to finish something closer to 1:45. It was not an un-reasonable expectation. I had ran that same distance for the previous three Saturdays with an average pace of 10:32 (mm:ss) per mile. I guess the temperature that morning (somewhere in the high 80's, low 90's) had a bigger effect on me than I expected. That will teach me not to do all of my training runs in the 60's to 70's.

Despite my results, I really enjoyed the Crim Festival of Races. There's something about participating in a race with thousands of other people that is exciting and motivating. If you are ever near Flint Michigan on the fourth Saturday in August, I highly recommend it.

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