Southwest Fox 2008 - Keynote Presentation

by Frank Perez October 16, 2008

One of the questions I get asked most often by someone who could not attend the conference is what happened during the keynote? Traditionally the keynote is when big announcements are made and new cool stuff is publically previewed. For example, last year Craig Boyd and Bo Durban demonstrated VFP Studio.

This year the organizers of the conference did something different that I think was really cool. A live video broadcast streamed over the internet.

So, if you missed the live broadcast or just want to see it again. It is available for viewing at Be sure to catch the "magic" of Craig Boyd and Bo Durban about 57 minutes into the video {g}.

One last thing. I want to thank Steve Bodnar of Geeks and Gurus for making this happen. He did all of the work solo. From the setup and testing, to shooting the video and handling the chat window. Way to go Steve!

Geeks and Gurus


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