Fluent Migrator Class Generator v1

by Frank Perez June 1, 2014

Continuing the pattern of updating every product, I'm releasing the next version of FMG (Fluent Migrator Class Generator) with the following features:

  • Installation Program
  • User Interface
  • SQL Compact Data
  • Digitally Signed

Installation Program

FMG now includes a real installation program. The installation program will automatically verify that all of the required components (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0) exist. If a required component doesn't exist, the installation program will download and install it.

User Interface

FMG now includes a user interface. The user interface simplifies the setup process and makes interacting with FMG easier.

Project List

The Project List is the main form. This form displays the current status of every project and is used to perform project maintenance (new, edit, delete).


  • New Project: displays the Project Maintenance with a new project.
  • Edit Project: displays the Project Maintenance form for the selected project.
  • Delete Project: permanently deletes the selected project.

Project Maintenance

The Project Maintenance form is used to define the project settings. This form includes the ability to test the settings and to perform the Fluent Migrator Class generation process.


  • Project Settings: Description and Destination Folder are required.
  • Database Settings: all settings are required.
  • Class Settings: Namespace, Migration No, and Class Name are required.

Test Button

The Project and Database settings include a Test button.

Run Tool Button

The Run button is used to perform the Fluent Migrator Class generation process.

SQL Compact Data

FMG now stores the project information in a SQL Compact 4.0 Database. The database is located in the Common Program Data folder. On a Windows 7 PC, this equates to C:\ProgramData\PF Solutions\Fluent Migrator Class Generator\.

Digitally Signed

All of the FMG EXE and DLL files are now digitally signed.

Download http://pfsolutions-mi.com/Product/FluentMigratorClassGenerator


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